#LeadLAP 5 Commitments Challenge

In Lead Like a PIRATE we talk about “Setting Your Compass”. We believe wholeheartedly that a long term vision should be the driving force that moves your work forward as a leader. We also know that for that vision to become a reality in our schools and districts that we have to be deliberate about breaking that vision down into actionable steps that give us and our teams clarity about what we need to do this year, next month, next week and even tomorrow to help make the vision come alive in our schools.

Just last week we wrapped up a Twitter book study on Lead Like a PIRATE (special thanks to Jay Billy @JayBilly2 and Nili Bartley @nbartley6 for taking the lead and running this chat – they and the entire crew they recruited to help did such an awesome job)!  Over the course of the eight weeks or so the chat was running, educators from around the world shared incredible ideas of the types of things they wanted to do this year to up their game as PIRATE leaders and to make this school year even more amazing for students and staff than last year.

With so many great ideas floating around, we know that it can be a challenge to focus… we want to do it all, but the reality is we can’t do it all in one year. Making the shift to creating schools where students and staff are running to get in rather than out is a process. It’s a series of steps we take over time grounded in the commitments we make to ourselves and our stakeholders to continue to grow and get better.

With that in mind, we invited our book study participants, and now we invite all of YOU to take our 5 Commitments Challenge:

“Take some time to reflect on your summer learning… learning from your reading of Lead Like a PIRATE or another book that inspired you… learning from a summer conference or blogs you follow or learning from anywhere else that has pushed your thinking about the type of leader you want to be this school year.  Think about it, reflect on it, and then make 5 commitments to actions you will take this year as a result of your learning that ultimately support the vision you have for the kind of classroom, school, or district you want to create.

Blog about it and share it in the #LeadLAP hashtag on Twitter and tag @BethHouf and @burgess_shelley in the Tweet so we can follow your journey.  We also hope you will read and share the blog posts of other PIRATE leaders and support them in keeping their five commitments this year! For taking the time and making the commitments, we will send you some PIRATE swag as our way of saying “thank you” for working to make school AMAZING!

Shelley and Beth